Transfer Videos from Computer to iPhone Device

Mar 1, 2014
I have been having trouble with video transfers over iPhone devices.
Bluetooth feature of these devices doesn't seem to support file transfers. But please correct me on the comments section if I'm wrong.

What I usually do is ask someone to send the files via Viber.
If the files are on a desktop computer, I would use Dropbox. However, I could only download image files from Dropbox. NO VIDEOS.

That's just my problem right now.

I have a copy of a video on a DVD and I want it transferred to my iPod Touch so that I could upload it on Instagram. (lol)

I placed the video on Dropbox. I can view it but I CAN'T download it.
I searched for some solutions and found this one. Though I did successfully transferred the video to my iPod device, it cannot be uploaded since it's not stored in my Gallery.

I'm starting to get frustrated.

Luckily, I just kind of remembered this "wifi transfer" thing so I decided to go to App Store and searched for it.

Image credits: iTunes
I decided to install this Simple Transfer - Wireless Photo & Video Backup, Sync and Share app and see if this would help me solve my problem.

I followed its instructions and TADAAN!!

With only less a minute, I finally have my video on my gallery! :D

But being a Tech Noob, I'm not too sure if this is the best solution.
So guys, if this one is too risky for you, or you could recommend a much better solution, please feel free to drop a message on the comment box.


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