Next Line in Instagram Bio (iOS)

Sep 4, 2014
I've been an Instagram user for more than two (2) years now and I've just recently learned how to skip lines on the Bio field.

I have maintained a few un-official accounts in Instagram such as insta_colorsplash and ol.shopper. However, it has always been a problem for me on how to make the bio so presentable and readable.

Whenever I tap on the next key, it will always move me on the next input field.
So I just had to cope up with seeing the words on my bio field placed next to each other. *sucks*

But hey!
I finally knew how to skip lines in Instagram! *yeah, finally!*
The steps are actually very simple and it makes me feel stupid now of why I haven't tried or thought of it before.
  1. Type your bio on the Notes app of your device.
  2. Copy.
  3. Paste it to the bio field of your Instagram profile.
And voila!

Any alternate solutions?
Feel free to leave a message on the comments section.

Note: This is only applicable for iOS devices.

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